French, from Hong Kong, studying in Beijing. Living inspired, young & free.

Some things about myself?
Indecisive& Over-analytical
^Working on it
The bathroom is my singing garden
Taking way too long to read books
Friends& Family
Watching movies after the books
Food obsession?
Josh Hutcherson& Luke Wilson
Chocolate chip cookies
Comfort, health & happiness
Travelling and taking photos
Early nights and lie-ins
Tea, red & green
Clouds, star-y nights & colorful sunsets
My memory= whole new level of forgetful
Living by the sea
Bread preference: wholewheat with nuts and raisins
Post photos of food when I'm hungry: always
Big hoodies and no make-up
Birds &blue skies
Cartoons and disney classics
That annoying, sad friend on facebook,
who only updates statuses about food: me

A couple desires and fantasies?
I want to live in Europe, own a health shop, work in a bakery, have long long hair, be a dietician, travel the world, live a life full of happiness, own lots of nice rings, fall in love, read lots of books, make the right choices with studies, be successful, live a healthy life.



My photos.

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